Who we are



Lullalee began with one woman's belief
That helping ​under served kids learn how to read and to find their special gift would make a difference toward secondary education, social change and employment opportunities.

Studies have proven that Art and Music can increase how we learn. Our slogan endorses our belief that we "embrace the fact that children learn in different ways."

What we believe


We are Literacy Activists

Reading is a right for all people
We level the playing field in educational services for disadvantaged, unserved and under-served children through reading and literacy. We promote social change in communities. Lullalee's Literacy for Children is the instrument of new media for education activism.

What we do


We provide books and other services 

Free to facilities and educational settings that serve at-risk communities. Our syllabus motivates dreams, builds self-esteem and encourages secondary education. Lullalee's programs are inspired by our motto "Find Your Special Gift through Art, Music & Literacy"  

Who we help


Subsidized Federal Educational Facilities

The Salvation Army-Serving: Summer Camps, After School and Day Care Facilities,Harbor Light(veterans/homeless)

Early Education for Community Colleges
Family Literacy 

Head Start 

Shriners Hospital for Children

Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation


Safe Houses 

Public Schools

What we have done


Since 2004, Lullalee has served  50 institutions  and facilities reaching more than 200,000 people in California. Louisiana and Africa. We have provided children, displaced families, seniors and veterans with innovative reading programs, book grants, magical literacy events and basic need items free of charge

Our vision


To replicate our reading programs to serve the broadest amount of people with E-learning/e-training and interactive ed-u-tainment programs.  NGN/A are the ancillary artifacts of communications, information and digital media innovation. The potential fulfillment of digital inclusion is for every citizen