Lullalee & the Salvation Army

helping children, veterans, displaced families, homeless and seniors

Since 2012, Lullalee has given over $543,000 of gift in kind donations to The Salvation Army, helping over 50 thousand homeless, low-income families and people in need in our community.

Lullalee’s outreach included but was not limited to the following…

2,800 kids in Toy n’ Joy

1,400 kids at Back-to-School

4,700 pieces of clothing at the Family Service Center

600 kits to Glide Memorial Church

400 kits to Harbor Light Center

60 books to Harbor House”

Lullalee's 2018 Literacy Fair held at the Ray and Joan Kroc Center

2018 Literacy Fair

Lullalee Provided a literacy fair for kids at the Kroc Center on June 25th 2018

Provides books for Summer Camps

Lullalee has provided books for the Salvation Army's summer camps in the Bay area

After School Programs

Lullalee has provided books for The Kroc Center's after school programs

Back to school books

Lullalee provides back to school books for their annual book event

Basic needs items

Lullalee provides amenity kits, blankets and other basic life items for homeless and displaced families